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Fire Lighting General partitions

General Building, Fire Protection,
Insulation, & Lighting:

Perton can undertake all types of general building works from structural openings, brickwork, plastering, plumbing, electrical, decoration, joinery and roofing.
CAD designs, technical support, project management, estimating and all our works are carried out in accordance with the current health and safety regulations.

Considering a construction project? 
Working with you from concept stage, or in line with your designer's details, we have the knowledge and experience to provide an unparalleled service for extensions, maintenance or refurbishment, we can alter or extend your existing premises.

By being involved at an early stage of a project our experience can produce real cost effective solutions, which would not be possible later.

Each site is controlled by a competent and experienced site manager, who is directly responsible to one of our directors. All our operatives are trained in their specific field and have obtained formal qualifications following external assessment.

Fire Protection & Insulation
Perton can supply and install all types of fire protection from beam and column encasements to firefly fire barrier.
We can also supply & install all your drywall, structural fire protection and fire stopping product requirements for all types of constructions.

Building Regulations require that cavities and concealed spaces in the structure or fabric of a building are sub-divided or sealed by means of cavity barriers or fire-stopping to restrict the hidden spread of smoke and flame. This is of prime importance since many buildings are honeycombed with concealed cavities and voids within the roof, floors, and walls.

FireCase frameless encasement system provides a high quality cladding to structural steel, and offers up to 120 minutes fire protection.
The system affords protection to universal steel columns and beams, together with many joist and castellated beam sections. It can be used in any type of building where an encasement is required to structural steelwork. The Glasroc FireCase S lining provides a smooth, robust surface and there is no requirement to joint or apply a decorative treatment.

Standard light modules are designed for lift and tilt retention into modular tee grid systems. Manufactured from high grade aluminium they are designed to meet particular lighting requirements. There is a large choice of low brightness and category rated louvres to be used in conjunction with the luminaires. 
The Cat 2A louvre 
Has been specially designed to be used with Alugrid15/08 and 15/16, as the longer flange allows it to sit flush with the grid. 
The Low Brightness louvre 
Is low cost and aluminium bladed for general use where no specific category rating is required. 
The Square Specular louvre 
Is a lighting controller for use primarily in areas where VDU’s are used.